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Almira Creations is dedicated to providing high quality steamers and shower products. Our steamers are handcrafted using the finest materials to ensure comfort, reliability and longevity. Take warmer and more relaxing showers with a shower steamer. 

Provides aroma therapy benefits

Our shower steamers allow you to add essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits. The warm steam helps the aroma oils distribute in the air, allowing you to breathe in their therapeutic scents. This can help relax your mind and body, relieve stress, and boost your mood and energy levels. However, the strong scents may irritate some people so you need to choose oils carefully based on your preferences.

Our collection includes these scents:

Benefits of Using a Shower Steamer

There are a few key benefits to using a shower steamer:

  • Relaxes muscles. The warm, steamy air can help relax your muscles and relieve tension.

  • Decongests nasal passages. The steam can help open up congested nasal passages and provide relief from congestion.

  • Eases sore throat. The steam moistens a dry throat and provides relief from throat irritation and coughing.

  • Warmer and more comfortable shower. A shower steamer provides an overall warmer, cozier and more luxurious shower experience.

How to Use a Shower Steamers

Using a shower steamer is straightforward. Place it in your shower before turning on the water. As the water runs over the shower steamers, it produces steam that fills your shower. Adjust the temperature controls on your steamer and shower to your desired warmth. Enjoy a warmer, steamier and more relaxing shower!

In conclusion,showering with steam and scent is a simple luxury that hydrates, detoxifies and rejuvenates your body and mind. Steam showers can be a wonderful self-care ritual to de-stress and release any anxieties.

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