Room Spray - give a home decor fragrance glow in Winter

Room Sprays are fragrances that you can mist into the air of any room to make it smell fresh and clean. They are light, airy spritzes that fill your space with pleasant scents without leaving behind heavy or cloying fragrances. Our Room sprays are a great way to keep your space smelling clean in between deep cleans or when you don't have time for a full house cleaning.

Almira Creations room spray

Room sprays can be used anywhere and everywhere in your home. Mist them in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, nursery or anywhere that needs a light fresh scent. They are perfect for:

  • Freshening up stale spaces

  • Removing odors from cooking or trash

  • Eliminating pet smells

  • Making a space smell linen-fresh and bright

  • Keeping air vents, baseboards and corners clean-scented

No matter what fragrance you choose, room sprays will make any space smell clean and wipe away unwanted odors without the use of harsh chemicals.


Favourite Pick for Winter:

A cozy room spray scent for winter would include notes that evoke feelings of warmth, warmth, and comfort.

Vanilla and cinnamon are a classic winter combination that creates an enveloping room spray scent. The sweetness of vanilla marries perfectly with the warmth of cinnamon to make a nostalgic, cozy fragrance. Just a few spritzes of cinnamon & vanilla will make any room smell like warmth, comfort and solace.

The smoky, woody aromas of cedar and sandalwood create a relaxed, sheltering environment. Spraying a few bursts of this blend around the room will make it feel like a cozy retreat.

A heavenly fusion of rich vanilla and deep amber blended with musk and sandalwood. A complex and intriguing scent for cold and dark nights. A few spritzes of this scent will make a room smell warm and comforting.

Lift up your mood and brighten up your space with this fresh, yet warm and tender, this rich and sweet fragrance combines the fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus with indulgent vanilla and white musk. A beautifully rounded medley that will make your room luscious, warm and inviting.

To create a rich, comforting room spray for winter, incorporate woodsy, spicy and herbal notes that evoke feelings of warmth, coziness and shelter. Scents like cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon and vanilla are perfect for crafting a woodsy, sweet winter room spray. With just a few spritzes, your space will become a cozy winter retreat.

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