Scented Soy Candle for Winter

 scented soy candle

Almira Creations soy candles are made with the finest ingredients to create a warm, cozy glow for winter evenings. Our soy candles are infused with beautiful fragrance blends to fill your home with delicious scents of the season. 

Classic Vanilla

The warm and sweet aroma of vanilla wafts through the air, bringing back memories of childhood and home. Its nostalgic notes create a calming space to relax, relieve stress or boost creativity.

Dark Night

A fragrance of sophistication and allure, saffron and apple blossom provide a luxurious top note that is fresh, feminine and enticing. Dark fruit notes of black currants and blackberries infuse the scent with mystery, intrigue and depth. 

Base notes of patchouli and cedarwood give the fragrance gravitas, grounding the other notes in woody, earthy sophistication. This blend of contrasting notes results in a fragrance that is bold yet refined.

A beguiling and heady mix, this scent is guaranteed to envelop the senses and captivate the heart.

Amber Noir

Great warm scent for winter and dark cold nights. The rich vanilla adds sweetness while the deep amber provides a smoky complexity. Notes of musk and sandalwood create intricate layers with earthy and spicy undertones.

This fragrance is sensual and suspenseful, slowly unraveling its depths to tantalize the senses. A seductive aroma that is irresistibly comforting yet thought-provoking. An olfactory dreamscape perfect for colder months.

eep amber blended with musk and sandalwood. A complex and intriguing scent. Great warm scent for winter and dark cold nights 

Apple Cinnamon

The sweet scent of fresh-picked apples wafts through the air, inviting your senses to indulge in nature's crisp, tangy-sweet bounty. The warm spices of cinnamon coat the apple slices, infusing subtle heat and flavor into each bite.

A tantalizing combination of sweet and spice, healthy and decadent.

Pink Unicorn

This delightful fragrance awakens the senses with a vibrant medley of juicy berries and zesty citrus that creates a bright, refreshing scent. A splash of vanilla and white musk provides creaminess and warmth, embracing the fruity notes in a balanced and harmonious scent that is sweet yet not overpowering.

Fresh, natural and purely indulgent, this fragrance appeals to those who seek joy and whimsy in their scents. An uplifting and cheerful fragrance perfect for everyday use, it will fill you with happiness and memories of carefree summer days with each burn.


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